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Spain - Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos - Fuente Álamo

Our school is called I.E.S.O Pueblos de la Villa. It is situated in the town of Fuente Álamo ( Region of Murcia). It is a junior secondary school where students range between the ages of 12 to 16. It is set in a rural area, about 20 km from the city of Cartagena. The economy is based on agriculture, farming, and some industries related to those fields. Students are from a middle class/ working class. There is a mix of nationalities: apart from Spanish, there are some students from several European countries (Romania, Holland, UK), or from South America (mainly Ecuador) as well as from Morocco. We have just started a bilingual programme with the first form students, and we also have programmes to support students with learning difficulties in all four years. We have a small number of students with special needs, too.

The fact that the economic basis of the country at the moment is not very good, together with the fact that many of our students belong to different cultural backgrounds makes the task of teaching a permanent challenge to find ideas and solutions to promote peace and tolerance. In this context, finding strategies to fight stress is an absolute must. We wish to test those strategies in the classroom to integrate all the students and to find the most effective tools to fight stress-induced problems.


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