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The United Kingdom - Paget High School -  Burton-on-Trent

Paget school is situated in a pleasant residential area and benefits from a large playing field and relatively modern buildings having been formally opened in 1975. The catchment area takes in a large segment from the centre of Burton where there is significant deprivation. 57% of Paget pupils are living in the most deprived 30% nationally. This is an increase of 5% since 2007. Significant numbers of these pupils are Pakistani heritage pupils (2010 IDACI statistics). The majority of Y7 pupils come from Rykneld, where attainment tends to be satisfactory, and Anglesey, where attainment is lower and the levels of deprivation are significant. Anglesey is a multi-ethnic school, whereas Rykneld is far less so.

Paget is proud of being a multicultural school with 24% pupils of Pakistani heritage (originally Mirpuri) and 19% other ethnic minorities. There has recently been an influx of pupils from Eastern Europe. Each year there are numbers of pupils joining who do not speak English. Many pupils need support in developing the language skills necessary to succeed; they frequently do succeed but sometimes it takes them a little longer. Paget now has 25 different home languages represented in Y7 ? Y11.

We have 12 pupils with a statement (1.5%), 123 (13%) on School Action, 11 (1%) on School Action Plus and are a designated pathway school for pupils with a disability I.e. wheelchair users or deafness. The Student Support Centre (SSC, our version of a Learner Support Unit) complements our SEN provision and supports pupils with a variety of needs including re-integration following an exclusion and behaviour management. The school has a good reputation for working with different pupils and permanent exclusions are low. There was one permanent exclusion for 2011 ? 12 and much reduced fixed term exclusions at the time of writing. Attendance for 2010 ? 11 was 92.6% and is currently at 93.1%, improving but still below the national average. Around 15.5% of pupils are FSM and attract the Pupil Premium.

Improving results at all levels, especially AS/A2 and at Maths GCSE, is a priority. GCSE results have improved year on year and are predicted to do so again for 2012. AS/A2 results have been disappointing recently and, although predicted to improve in 2012, need to continue to improve.

From September 2012 Y10 and Y11 are significantly below the national average on entry to Paget while Y9 are close to the national average and the most able year Paget has had.


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