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Greece - Gymnasio Skiathou ? Skiathos

Skiathos is a small touristic island located no more than 40 miles away from Volos town, in the middle Greece. The large natural port of modern Skiathos town is ideal in shape and in location. This has been a basic element in regulating the life on the island both in the old and in the modern times. In the modern city of Skiathos, the houses are small and simple, with two floors in their majority and built amphitheatrically one next to the other. The streets are narrow without any typical planning apart from few parts in the city. The main one, Papadiamantis street, ends at Skiathos high School.

Skiathos High school from the opening day of 1932 till now has been transferred to different buildings. The last has 12 classrooms, computer and physics labs, basketball and volleyball areas and a few smart boards. The 24 teachers and 190 pupils are cooperating to achieve the school goals according to the Greek educational system, starting from the all-round and harmonious mental and spiritual development of the students. We all give special interest in integrated knowledge and the exercise of critical thinking that lead to the creation of a character with a developed sense of social and personal responsibility. Additionally every year our multinational school participates in environmental and cultural programs that have been embraced by the local community gaining national prizes or  european recognition.

Although for five months the island is more than full of tourists coming all around the world, the rest period pupils feel cut off the main land. Obviously traveling by boat is expensive so we have to choose our participations in competitions and events. Most of the pupils work at their parents? businesses during the summer so this project is the best opportunity for them to travel away from the island.


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