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Bulgaria - Sportno uchilishte "Yuri Gagarin" ? Burgas

Yuri Gagarin' is a state sports school for pupils, aged between 13-19. It is located in the town of Bourgas, famous for its sandy beaches and closeness to the most attractive summer resorts in Southeastern Bulgaria. In 2011 it was honoured 'The Best Town to live in'.

There are 330 pupils and 35 teachers at our school. We are proud of the fact that our students have taken part in European and world championships and won numerous medals thanks to their hard work and ceaseless efforts. However, as we all know, professional sport requires discipline and many sacrifices.Our curriculum is busy and rather tiring because our students have regular classes and training twice a day which inevitably leads to fatigue and accumulated stress, particularly before important championships. The pre-start anxiety and ambition to come first exhaust them completely, mentally and physically, which result in emotions they find difficult to control.

Our school has got a hostel and a canteen since some of the students live away from their families and have to face the problems of everyday life on their own which undoubtedly troubles their unstable state of mind even more. Furthermore, others are raised by their grandparents, their parents being forced to work abroad due to the difficult economic circumstances in Bulgaria. The lack of parental control and guidance makes our job even more challenging.  Finding strategies to fight stress will be of great benefit to all of us.

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